Friday, November 16, 2012

Bentley Microstation is a powerful software but it's not popular in Viet Nam. Almost of Microstation user's point of view just think that this software has been used for Infrastruture and Map Design. I'm sure with you there are few of information about this software at the Viet Nam Construction websites and Forums, and there is nothing at the Viet Nam Architecture and Interior websites. However, I have already known that there are a little of architects who can use it to make the drawings systematically at the outsource company in Viet Nam...
As the four years experiences of Microstation user, I would like to share to all you the hidden secrets in Microstation today. In this post, I just want to say about how to make the new keyin by using many action strings together. Actually, there are two ways of stringing keyins together. The first is to simply keyin them all in on one line and separate each keyin with a semi-colon. This is typically referred to as an action string. The other is to use a script file which is described.
At the first place, I give you the great example of simple keyin that I found on Internet:
set construct toggle; selview all; update all
The explanation of the action:
set construct toggle Is the actual command to turn the construction elements on or off.
selview all Instructs MicroStation to apply the keyin to all views.
update all Updates all the views
Next, let me show you some keyins that I created and used to work a lot of projects more effective and speedy than others. This is just a few of some that I have to created during work time at the outsoucre company.
Key In
"choose all"
"lock level on; choose all; lock level on"
"choose active"
"lock level on; choose all; lock level off"
"ref off"
"reference display of all; selview all; update all; reset"
"ref on"
"reference display on all; selview all; update all; reset"
"move fence"
"place fence block; %d;%d; fence stretch; update all"
I hope the above list of new keyins that help you have the idea to buid more complex Microstation keyins. Now, it's the time for you to explore and to make more new hidden action strings for your own skill. Please send me a comment what you think about this post, and thanks all you to review this blog.



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