Thursday, November 15, 2012

The short survey of the Vietnamese Revit Forums and Websites, I realized that they work well with Revit Architecture but they have a liitle of technique to make new Revit family creatively. Some of them just go to the library of the Revit Forum and download automatically.
However, one great thing for most of you beginer and intermediate Revit user who want to master your knowledge and technique skill, the latest book name "Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2013 Families" from Michael Anonuevo, BIM modeler and musician, has been released for free. The powerful book that shows you how to create various kinds of Revit Family from simple to complex one, including parameters, materials, tracing images, etc.
Now, you just download the book and try to work hard to get your own skill. One next day, you will be a master of Revit user. Thanks for the author.
Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2013 Families



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