Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Unfortunately, there are many 3ds Max users who have trouble with the final render output. They don't know how to print the final image with the correct DPI (dots per inch) value that is good for layout of A1 or A3 paper in Photoshop. Some of them try to render a large image, but it really take a lot of time to finish. The others have to render out and save the final image as TIFF file with 300dpi value. Remember that this way you maybe have the final image with a small size. So, I would like to inform you there is a choice of the render output in 3ds MAX. We call it as Print Size Wiard.
1. Now, start 3ds Max and open the scene you want to render.
2. Click on the render menu, then select "Print Size Assistant"
3. In the "Print Size Assistant", then you have to set up some things for final render.

Actually, there are the same kinds of this tutorial has been found on the Internet. I want to write this tutorial because I think it should be "the more the better". Please see the list of Paper Size below for more information.

Paper Size DPI Image Size (WxH)
A4 - 297x210mm 72dpi 841x595
A3 - 420x297mm 72dpi 1190x841
A2 - 594x420mm 72dpi 1683x1190
A1 - 841x594mm 72dpi 2383x1683
A0 - 1189x841mm 72dpi 3370x2383
A4 - 297x210mm 150dpi 1753x1240
A3 - 420x297mm 150dpi 2480x1753
A2 - 594x420mm 150dpi 3506x2480
A1 - 841x594mm 150dpi 4966x3507
A0 - 1189x841mm 150dpi 7021x4966
A4 - 297x210mm 300dpi 3507x2480
A3 - 420x297mm 300dpi 4960x3507
A2 - 594x420mm 300dpi 7013x4960
A1 - 841x594mm 300dpi 9933x7015
A0 - 1189x841mm 300dpi 14043x9933



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